Nanjing Godroc Commerce Co., Ltd. is a young company and estiblished in nanjing city of china in 2006.We mainly manufacture and export all kinds PVC,PP plastic packings,kraft,glassine envelope,glassine bags,paperboard,cardboard products,specially in stamp,coin collection and plastic packing exported.
Nanjing Godroc Commerce Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and manufacturing PVC,PP,paper products including Stamp Stock Books, Stamp album Pages, Stamps Bags, Stamp albums, glassine paper bag products like Glassine Bags, Glassine Paper Envelopes.  

In catalogs,we manufacture:

-PVC stamp album

-PVC coin stock bags,

-PVC and TPU walking ball on water,grass or snowfield.

-PVC white or black paperboard loose leaves.

-PVC envelope.

-PVC basket and vase

-Rigid PVC stamp stock page.

-Paperboard stamp stock pages
-Paperboard pizza boxes
-Cardboard coin holders
-Glassine stamp bag and envelopes,wedding bags.etc.,


-PP pen holders

-PP shooting targets

-PP handbags

Mainly products catalogs of accorded with en71 requirements.

Parts of exported products.:
-Stamp album, Stamps Bags, Stamp Stock Books, Stamp binder, stock book, Stamp album Pages
-Plastic Bag, OPP Bag, PVC Bag, Transparent OPP bag
-Glassine, Glassine Bag, Glassine Paper Bag, Glassine Paper Envelope, Glassine Envelope, Transparent Envelope
-Paper Flips, collector, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, small dollar, penny flips, bulk, nickel flips, dime flips, quarter flips, half dollar flips, crown, crown size